Ford EcoBoost

Ford has been throwing around a new term for the past several years: Ford EcoBoost. Ford EcoBoost is a special engine option, designed to improve fuel economy without sacrificing engine power. Ford doesn't think you should have to choose between power and efficiency, and with the Ford EcoBoost engine, you won't have to.

The Ford EcoBoost utilizes turbocharging and direct fuel injection to improve fuel economy without sacrificing engine power. Turbocharged engines force in more air than standard engines, which gives increased power. Direct fuel injection delivers the fuel directly to the combustion chamber, which helps improve fuel efficiency. The end result is an engine that is both more powerful and more fuel efficient than a non-EcoBoost engine. If you have any questions about the Ford EcoBoost engine, we're happy to answer them. Give us a call today at (800) 666-FORD to get in touch, or come ask our specialists in person here in Northampton, MA. At Ford of Northampton, we're here to help.

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