Before You Buy, Pre-Qualify for an Auto Loan Online

Most shoppers who come visit us here at Ford of Northampton start their search with a budget in mind. A specific price range can help you narrow down your options and simplify your shopping experience. However, it's not the only thing you can do to prepare for a car purchase.

Before you start looking at cars, you can get an idea of what kind of financing is available through prequalification. With a simple online application, you can get approved for a specific loan amount. That way, you can know exactly how much car you can afford when you start to look at specific vehicles.

If you want to prequalify, you can do so quickly right here on our website. Fill out the application with your personal information and send it in to our finance team. They'll take the steps to necessary to get you prequalified.

If you need help with numbers, terminology, or other aspects of auto financing, you can always turn to the staff at our finance center. They can get you up to speed so you're ready for prequalification or any other part of the financing process.

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