As we get into the full swing of fall, that means cooler weather, and winter approaching. Depending on the person you are, you either love that or could do without it. But, while you're living here in the Berkshires area of New England, you know you're going to have to experience it either way. That's why at Ford of Northampton, we have you covered with fall parts specials on brakes, batteries and tires.

All these checks and services are essential before the winter months arrive. You want to have your brakes and rotors looked at so you have the right levels of stopping power as the elements and road conditions change. The same can be said about your battery. As the weather cools, your battery might have a tougher time starting up if it doesn't have the right amount of power, and a replacement would be needed. We have lots of different batteries specifically for your vehicle from major brands in our parts center and can have our team install it for you as well.

Of course, tires are a big deal as the season changes too. You'll need to assess your treads to determine if there's enough traction on them to keep going or if they're bare and you need new tires. We also are here to help with winter tire installations so you have added grip and confidence on the road.

It's all about staying safe while driving, especially as the holiday season kicks into gear. The winter weather can put any vehicle through the ringer, that's why it's important to make sure you have all the parts you need ordered, or the services required to keep your car, truck or SUV going strong. With our parts specials we're doing our "part" to help you in this process and ensure your safety and smooth driving throughout the change in seasons.

To learn more, contact us today and we can find what you need, or set up a service appointment soon!

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