A routine oil and fluid change keeps your car's engine in excellent condition for longer. Thanks to regular oil changes, your vehicle can offer you quality performance and better gas mileage. Our service center in Northampton is here to provide you with professional oil and fluid services.

We have a team of skilled and experienced technicians who know precisely what your Ford model needs. Our factory-trained mechanics also understand the specific oil grade that works best for your driving needs, whether you have a sedan for commuting to work or an SUV for adventuring. On top of that, we prioritize proficient customer service whenever you visit our service center.

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

Oil and fluid changes help keep the vehicle's engine running as designed by the manufacturer. Oil circulates through the engine to cool, lubricate, and clean various components. This process decreases wear and tear. It also collects contaminants to help avoid potential engine damage.

An oil change lets our technicians discover any problems or irregularities with your engine. During this process, our mechanics can easily repair a faulty belt or a broken engine component; they'll inform you if it needs repair, maintenance, or replacement.

Which Oil Type Should I Select?

There are several oil types available when servicing your car. For instance, we advise drivers who want an ultra-smooth performance from their vehicles to choose the full synthetic oil. This oil has a high viscosity level and lubricates parts and components better than other oil types.

Conventional oil suits you if you are servicing your car on a budget and only use it for light commutes around town.

Our mechanics can identify which type and grade are best for your specific model if you are unsure.

Schedule Routine Maintenance Online

When you need an oil and fluid service, visit Ford of Northampton or contact us to schedule a service appointment. Reach us over the phone or online.

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